Personalized Health Coaching 

Losing weight isn’t just about looking good. It’s about feeling good and taking control of your health. If you are tired of diets that do not provide lasting results, we are here to teach you how to lose weight naturally and keep it off for life. 

You only get one body. You can’t trade it in or buy a new one. You owe it to yourself to take care of that body … and that’s why we’re here! 

With our personalized programs you will: 

  • Learn how to burn fat instead of store it
  • Reduce cravings
  • Boost your slow metabolism
  • Control hunger
  • Lower your risk of disease 
  • Decrease inflammation in your body
  • Look better, and more importantly, feel better

90-Day Rapid Reset

$994 – $1,597
(monthly financing available)

Our 90-Day plan can help you lose 10-40 pounds of unwanted fat, AND learn how to keep it off for life. You’ll be provided with a personalized plan, one-on-one guidance, and everything you need to plan and track your progress.


  • Printed copy of your individualized plan
  • Plan access via smart phone (access anywhere you go!)
  • Your choice of 2-6 private, one-on-one health-coaching follow-up sessions, available in-person or virtual
  • Unlimited messaging support in between sessions
  • HIPAA-compliant tracking app & personalized account
  • Starter kit with additional planners & guides, bonus CBD product or health supplement of your choice, and more!

Nutrition Education Starter Package


Do you struggle to find healthy options when it comes to meal planning and grocery shopping? Then this might be the perfect package for you to start making meaningful improvements to your overall health. 


  • (2) 45-minute health coaching sessions
  • Home pantry makeover
  • Personalized clean food alternatives
  • Grocery store tour
  • Nutritional guidance crash course where you will learn how to read and understand nutrition labels as well as general ingredients in your preferred foods 
  • 35-page ebook that includes recipes, snack ideas, tips and more!

One-On-One Sessions

$224 – $629/month

One-on-one sessions are for those who are ready to make a change now and just need that extra push. We will talk about your goals and work together to create a road map of achievable and sustainable changes that will improve your overall health and wellness.

These sessions are entirely customized for your specific needs based on our initial consultation. Options include:

  • Between 1 and 4 in-person or virtual sessions a month
  • Unlimited text and email support in between sessions
  • Printed and online resources
  • Recipes
  • And more!

With these customized one-on-one sessions, you’ll get the support and accountability you need to make your goals become reality.

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