Frequently Asked Questions

What does the health coaching process look like?

Discovery Call & Initial Consultation

We start our clients out with a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss what you would like to achieve and if 360 is the right fit for your goals. We are very transparent, and want to ensure that this is the place for you. Once we have determined if we are good fit for each other, we set up your initial consultation.

This one hour session is spent going over your past history, intake forms, and where we get to know you a bit better. Once we have all of the information needed to make informative decisions we will talk about your goals, and how we can get you there in a timeline that works for you.

Packages & Programs

Once we have established why you’re here, we create a roadmap to make it happen. For some, monthly packages will work best, while for others a shorter term program and support is all you need. We take into account the timeline for your specific goals, past experiences and knowledge as well as your coaches recommendations.

Maintenance Phase

Once you have completed your recommended program or packaged sessions, we move on to the maintenance phase. This is where you come in on an as-needed basis that is deemed when you feel necessary. Ideally, clients should be checking in at least monthly for the first three months post completion, but after that quarterly is a good rule of thumb.

Will my health insurance cover any health coaching services or CBD products?

360 Total Wellness does not participate with insurance companies, or bill your insurance. However if you have an HSA or FSA account card, health coaching services, supplements, and CBD products should be reimbursable to you and available to use your HSA/FSA card. You should always check with your specific carrier or plan policy prior to purchasing to ensure it will be covered.

I’ve worked with a coach before, can I book sessions whenever I want?

All new clients are required to have an initial consultation first, as that is the best way to ensure we are a good fit for each other and have a successful relationship. After that, we discuss all of the different options we have to offer.

Can I book a consultation for CBD without being a health coaching client?

Absolutely! We offer free 15 minute phone consultations with a CBD expert to pinpoint if CBD is right for you, and how it can help any conditions or other concerns you have. Interested in if CBD could help a parent, partner, or friend? You can call on their behalf and figure out what options would work best for them or refer them directly to us as well.

How much does it cost?

360 Total Wellness strives to be affordable for anyone seeking improvement in their total health and wellness. We offer multiple payment plans as well as discounts for senior citizens, military, and first responders.

Our packages are completely customized for you based on many factors, while also depending on the level of support you need. Because of this, there is no set price point. The initial consultation is a one-time charge of $129, with no obligations to begin a program or package.
For self-guided tools and other program pricing see our Health Coaching page here.

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