About Coach Courtney, and what makes the 360 Total Wellness approach different

Most people don’t understand what it truly takes for some of us to not only lose unwanted body fat, but keep it off for good. I know I certainly didn’t when I first got serious about shedding the 30 lbs of excess body fat I had carried for much of my life.

It followed a cycle that may be familiar to many of you: I would gain weight, then embark on a new fad diet or workout plan to try, whether it involved weight loss clubs, gym memberships, or fat-burning bills and weight-loss shakes. Invariably, despite all that effort, I would see little to no results. And when I did see results, considering all of the money spent, foods and drinks avoided, and countless hours at the gym, I had only lost a few pounds. Before I knew it, the weight would return, and the cycle would start anew.

I continued this pattern for years before I finally had enough. I realized that the healthcare system, specifically concerning managing a healthy body weight, is often a confusing, deceiving, and conflicting mess.


This realization drove me to make a drastic career change from business administration to a full-time position at a wellness clinic, where my passion for holistic healing flourished. I witnessed firsthand how impactful returning to the basics could be for weight maintenance, overall health, and happiness. 

At this point, I decided to return to school and further my education in this realm. After obtaining several certifications and passing state exams, I became a Certified Health Coach and a Nutrition & Behavior Change Specialist.

Throughout this journey, I finally managed to lose the excess 30 lbs and achieved a BMI that felt natural to my body, but more importantly, made me happy. Not only was I at a healthy body weight that I could maintain, but I also experienced improved mood, sleep, digestive comfort, newfound confidence, and much more.

Fast forward to 2020, when 360 Total Wellness was born. I knew my calling was to help others along the same journey that I had traveled, with the goal of making them healthier and happier too. So, I left the wellness clinic I was then managing to start my own health and wellness business. After working with a small group of clients for several months, I also assumed role of Lead Health Coach at one of Richmond’s leading weight-loss clinics to gain additional experience, education, and perspective. Through this, I was able to work with over 700 patients using a doctor-developed program that I helped to create. 

Entering 2024, 360 Total Wellness has worked with over 250 clients, and I have helped over 1,000 people in the community in reaching (and maintaining!) their weight loss goals.

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